360 Total Security Premium Key (1 Year / 1 Device)

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Get access to advanced, stylish, and ad-free protection.

Security and Performance Level Up!

Data Shredder
After deleted, things you want to keep secret can still be recovered by anyone with access to your hard drive. Data Shredder fully destroys deleted files. Once gone, they are gone, for long.

Privacy Cleaner
Whatever you do on your PC, you are leaving digital footprints behind. Privacy Cleaner totally removes your traces, including browser history, program activities, system run history.

Disk Analyzer
View whats taking up your disk space at a glance. Files are sorted in the order of size, giving you the idea where to start cleaning and easily delete unused items to free up your space.

Driver Updater
Driver Updater makes it easy to keep all your drivers updated. The built-in backup feature offers another precaution that allows you to restore drivers to the previous version when they can’t function properly.

The Firewall monitors bandwidth usage of apps, throttles total traffic, and blocks suspicious access to the Internet to ensure safer and faster network communications.

Scheduled Cleanup
Set up a regular cleanup that will run automatically to make sure your PC is free from trash caches, junk files, and performance issues.


5 Award-Winning Security Engines
Equipped with 5 powerful security engines, 360 has a high virus detection rate. Even the most sneaky malware cannot hide themselves.

Multi-Layer Security
Programs with suspicious behaviors are blocked upon detected. Malware may be well-disguised, but 360 leaves them with nowhere to hide.

Scammers use phishing tricks to steal your personal info. 360 identifies fake emails and unsafe sites, stopping them from fooling you.

Ransomware is blocked even before it can lock away your PC. Criminals can never get a cent from you!

Not sure if a file from unknown source may harm your system? Sandbox offers you an isolated environment to test and keep away any risk.

Browser Protection
You visited a site and suddenly your homepage changed? 360 locks browser settings and sets you free from homepage hijackers.

Document Guard
Auto-backup and real-time monitoring effectively protect you against data hijacking, malicious tampering, or data loss due to system crash.

Customized Protection
No matter you are a performance enthusiast or a security persuer, you can always customize the protection mode and stay safe under all scenarios.


  • OS:Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Memory:512 Mb
  • CPU:1.6 GHz
  • Free disk space:1 Gb


First Method of Activation 

  1. Download 360 Total Security from here
  2. Install and Run the program. 
  3. Open 360 Total Security and click Enable Your Premium in drop-down list
  4. Enter your 25-character key into the field.
  5. Click Register button.


Second Method of Activation 

Manually register on web:

  1. Go to Register .
  2. Enter your 25-character key into the field. 
  3. Click Register button.

If you see key error message when you enter the key, try the following ways to solve it:

  • Check if you have entered the correct 25 characters. Try to copy or type it again.
  • If you have multiple 360 accounts, check if you have added this key to another 360 account.
  • Check if the limit to the amount of license keys has been reached. Refer to Can I use several keys simultaneously under one account .
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Internet Security




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